Sh.Ram Janambhumi Pujan/Shilanayas

Sh.Ram Janambhumi Pujan/Shilanayas.
My critical observations.
First Congrts to all on this auspicious occasion.
1.That all the bricks/shilas kept in the foundation (pit) were wrapped in clothes.

2. That before pujan,the clothes were not remove from the bricks/shilas,which must have been done to expose the bricks to mantras ucharan. The pujan of wrapped bricks does not appeal to reasons.

3. That Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh.Narinder Modi ji did not lay even a single brick in the foundation with his own hands, whereas the occasion was Shilanayas i.e.putting first brick in the foundation. The Prime Minister only worshipped the already laid bricks in the foundation.

4.The organisers must explain if Shilanayas means only worship or physically putting the first brick/shila in the foundation by the person called for the occasion i.e. P.M. in this case.



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