NEED OF THE HOUR By Nikhita Mahajan


The times we are sailing in are tempestuous,
Rise in the number of infected are continous;
Efforts made by doctors and police are ingenous,
They are working day and night despite of reactions which are contemptous.

Alaas!Foolishness of a few may spoil the plot,
Boosting the number of covid-19 hotspot;
The situation may heavily blot,
Without rendering it with any clot.

Staying in is the only option left,to control the spread,
Need of the hour is to break covid’s thread;
With the rate at which it has sped,
Gives human race an extreme dread.

Covid-19 is not a jest,
Ensure to follow safety measures at your best;
Pray for the ones who are positive in test,
Sympathise the others who have already left.

ByNikhita Mahajan


One thought on “NEED OF THE HOUR By Nikhita Mahajan

  • April 18, 2020 at 7:32 am

    Well said sis


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