Observing Fast.(Lock Down)

The country on the appeal of Hon’ble Prime Minister whole heartedly ,firstly encouraged doctors, health workers, connected with cleanliness ,police ,security forces,  health worriers, by clapping Thali, Tali and by other means to show the solidarity to these countrymen who are serving the nation at the risks of their own life. The whole nation salutes them.

Secondly the nation switched off the lights on 5th April  from 9 to 9.9 hrs. to exhibit the country strong resolution to defeat the virus and emerge victorious united.

Suggestion—It is suggested that to feed the poor and those who are not in a position to earn their livelihood, living even in the remotest corner of the country, let the countrymen resolve to observe one time fast, so that the food grain saved may be distributed to the needy in the hour of  distress.

It is humbly appealed to the  Hon’ble Prime Minister that the suggestion may kindly be considered so that it may prove helpful.

Bharat Bhushan Sharma Advocate

Udhampur J&K UT




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